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    currently our zimbra domain name does not match our global domain name. This isn't a problem for outgoing emails as we have taken advantage of zimbra's ability to trap all outgoing mail from a domain name and change it to a different domain. The problem is that if anybody organizes a meeting and sends an email to somebody outside the company the requested response tries to get sent to @domain.local rather than Well that and in the invitation it shows the organizer as user@domain.local.

    Is there any way to change that behavior?

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    Why do you not have your internal domain name the same as your external domain name?


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    We set the mail domain name to be the same as our internal network domain name. We don't own the external domain name. Its an odd setup for sure but what happens is our mail is actually delivered to a hosting company's server then we run fetchmail on our server to retrieve the mail and get it to Zimbra. The hosting company also has our website which we don't want to host on our own servers. I suppose the proper way to do it was to just have them update the mx entry to direct mail to our IP address but that's not the way it was done initially. So now we find ourselves here.

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