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Thread: [SOLVED] Upgrade to 6.0.x reset my Disk threshold and I can't reset it?!

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    Default [SOLVED] Upgrade to 6.0.x reset my Disk threshold and I can't reset it?!

    I just upgraded to ZCS 6.0.2 from 5.0.18

    Apparently the upgrade decided to reset almost every one of my settings including RBLS but the most frustrating setting it reset was the disk threshold check. I monitor my own disks and don't care to get the overzealous 5-20 e-mails a minute telling my that a file system unrelated to zimbra is over 80%.

    I remember from 5.0.18 that a key/value within zmlocalconfig could define the threshold so I set that :
    $ zmlocalconfig | grep threshold
    zimbra_disk_threshold = 100
    zmdisklog_critical_threshold = 99
    zmdisklog_warn_threshold = 98

    But I still seem to be getting these e-mails (although less frequently):
    zimbramon[xxx]: xxx:err: Disk warning: /dev/mapper/vg00-www at 88%

    I've restarted ZCS in hopes of getting rid of them altogether. In 5.0.18, there was a file I modified.. something in /opt/zimbra/libexec but I couldn't find that file in 6.0.2.

    Also.. I tried to turn off AV notification in the administration area but I get this message when I try and 'save' the settings:

    JavaScript error encountered in method ZaXFormViewController.prototype._saveChangesCallba ck message: cnt is not defined fileName: https://webmail.xxxxxx:7071/zimbraAd...v=090911185612 lineNumber: 7838 stack: ()@https://webmail.xxxxx:7071/zimbraAdmin/js/Admin_all.js.zgz?v=090911185612:7838 ((void 0))@https://webmail.xxxxx:7071/zimbraAdmin/js/Ad...

    Is there a way to stop the AV notifications without using the gui (maybe zmlocalconfig ?!) I get a good 80 virus notifications a day.. It's getting to the point where I'd rather just get the virus!

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    A reset of ZCS seems to have resolved the barrage of e-mails about my file system being full. Now if I can just get the 'virus' notification e-mails to stop.

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    if server uptime is something relevant, reset is never a solution, but a defeat
    better is

    killing e restarting
    [zimbra@zimbra ~/libexec ]$ cat ../zmstat/pid/
    [zimbra@zimbra ~/libexec ]$ ps ax|grep 17860
    17860 ?        S      0:05 /usr/bin/perl -w /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmstat-df
    26422 pts/0    R+     0:00 grep 17860
    [zimbra@zimbra ~/libexec ]$ kill -9 17860
    [zimbra@zimbra ~/libexec ]$ ps ax|grep 17860
    26869 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep 17860
    [zimbra@zimbra ~/libexec ]$ /usr/bin/perl -w /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmstat-df &

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