After upgrade to 6.0.2 from 5.0.18 (RH 5 x86 on Xen - ya.. I know.. bad move) Zimbra decided it was in my best interest to ignore my previous settings, kill all my RBLs and start spamming me again with 90+ spams a day about the open relays in Nigera sending me virus laden e-mails.

To make matters worse, I can't disable it in the admin gui because when I try to save the setting I get:

JavaScript error encountered in method ZaXFormViewController.prototype._saveChangesCallba ck message: cnt is not defined fileName: lineNumber: 7838 stack: ()@ ((void 0))@

I understand the stupidity of upgrading when I'm running XEN and Zimbra + XEN don't play well together from what I can see, but it would be great if there was a way to disable notification of virus in e-mail without using the Admin GUI until I can migrate to KVM or get off zimbra altogether.

Does anyone know how to stop notify of viruses outside the GUI?