I recently installed ZCS 6.0 on a local Ubuntu server, and have migrated my company's mail accounts. We can send and receive mail so far without a problem to account@mydomain.com.

My question is regarding the webmail access. I have set zimbraMailMode to https, but the webmail interface can be accessed with https://mydomain.com and I want it to *only* be accessible from https://mail.mydomain.com. Where do I specify this change? I have read the "Split domains" wiki entry, but that's not exactly what we need.

There's an A record in the DNS for mail.mydomain.com, so the subdomain is working correctly, and we CAN access the webmail from https://mail.mydomain.com/ as well, but I'd like for it to be exclusive to that subdomain. I hope I'm explaining myself correctly... :-S

Thanks for your help.