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Thread: Help With shared or public folders!

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    Default Help With shared or public folders!


    I just install zimbra and I'm trying to figure out how can i setup shared folder or public folder. I want be able give out an e-mail address for my sale rep and then have all of that e-mail put into a folder and to allow all my save reps to be able to read it. I looked a around the forum for help with this but some stuff was out dated and some stuff was a little confusing on if i can do this and how to do this.

    Thank You

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    with Zimbra, you can do that by:
    -Create an account to receive all email from your customers, maybe you can create some folder and filter to contain mail
    -Then you share all folder of this account to your "saves"
    -Zimbra'll send an invite mail to your "saves" and they must accept it to see these folder

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    Alternate approach, if you don't want to use a license:

    Create an alias or distribution list pointing to your account. (Distro list would be to work around bug #40506 and possibly others.)

    Then create a folder in your account to hold mail from customers.

    Finally create a filter that files all mail To: or Cc: that address into the folder, and share the folder to your sales reps.

    Note that there's currently no way to filter mail that arrives via Bcc:. But this "deficiency" is of minuscule importance to your needs, I'm sure.

    See also Bug 15395 – Optionally add X-Original-To header which discusses a possible solution to the Bcc: issue and also offers some other ideas.

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