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Thread: how to do this ?( the situation is explained within topic )

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    Default how to do this ?( the situation is explained within topic )

    my current zcs is having some troubles which i cant solve. its version is 5.0.6

    so i want to move only its emails and address books ( of every user) to a new server with the same domain.
    (i know that we already have a way to move zcs to a new server but as i understand, that way use the same configured file in the old zcs to new server.but i only want emails and address books)

    is it possible ?

    thanks in advance !

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    -You can use imapsync tool to migrate mail (only mail)
    -with address book, you can follow this link:Calendar and Contacts Migration - Zimbra :: Wiki or you can export them to a file and import in new server

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