Hi guys, I hope someone can help me out with this.

Over the past two weeks after an upgrade to 6.01 the server became increasingly unstable with LDAP authentication to external server and finally yesterday it crased out completely. The server OS itself had become unstable as well so I would imagine there was some sort of corruption in 5.018 and 6.01 just showed it up, anyway, I copied the whole zimbra directory to a backup server then clean installed the OS, did all updates and then installed 6.01 again. Running all good now and have recreated all accounts, lists etc.

Is there anyway to use the backup copy of zimbra to get everyones mail, mail folders, rules, address book, documents, briefcase etc etc back or is this going to be impossible?

As I said, I have complete copy including databases, index's and stores.

Really appreciate in advance any help or direction you can give me.