We are coming to the end of testing our migration of Zimbra from one O/S to another and the subsequent upgrade after the fact. We moved Zimbra 5.0.4 from OpenSuse 10.2 onto CentOS 5.3 then upgraded to 5.0.18.

All seems well and working (whew) with the exception of one minor issue. User Login Preferences. On the server side of things, we have selected for the default COS to have users login set to Advanced (Ajax) and for my user account, I have set under Preferences to login using Ajax.

With all this set, when I do log in, I am faced with the Standard View. I can change it to Advanced with no problem, but when I log out then log in again, I am back to the Standard view once again.

I have poked around the different ldif files, but am unable to find the solution to this problem.

Any ideas?

Sir Bob