I'm new to Zimbra. I come from a Domino world. I'm also new to Linux. The current relase of Zimbra we are using is 5.0.15_GA_2921 and we're using Red Hat Linux, not sure which version.

What I have successfully changes Logo wise, is the Login Banner, the App Banner and the URL redirection to go to our corporate website. The banners work for the regular user login, but the Administration Console login did not change.

I created a subdirectory in the skins directory

The two files, logo450-100loginbanner.png and logo120-35appbanner.png are both located here.

What I haven't been able to update are the Client Desktop logos or as stated above the Administration Console logos.

Before I started mucking with things I think someone attemped something and two of the themes have a logo subdirectory and the appbanner file there is our logo. From what I can tell my logos override those logos, except in the instances of the Yahoo and Zimbra themes. The Yahoo and Zimbra themes have their original logo directory and files, but when I change the server browser preference to one of those things the Yahoo client show's two of our company local in the small space and Zimbra gets really funky, it shows 4 of the logos a little further down the screen hear the top of the navigator.

I need help with what to update to change the Administration Console logo, how do I push the logo's to user desktop and if you know what's causing the logo funkyness and how to fix the funkyness in the Yahoo and Zimbra themes.

Thank you for any help you can provide.