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Thread: [SOLVED] ldapsearch returns zero results

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    Default [SOLVED] ldapsearch returns zero results

    Hi guy,

    Our mac users have configured and Address book using the steps below from the wiki but the ldapserch returns zero results.

    Open either or Apple Address Book
    For Preferences -> Composing -> 'Configure LDAP...'
    For Address Book: Preferences -> LDAP
    Then enter the information for your Zimbra server
    Name - Enter an name
    Server - Enter your Zimbra Server hostname
    Search Base - Enter your domain like "dc=example,dc=com"
    Port - Enter 389 for standard, 636 and check 'Use SSL' if you have OpenLDAP in SSL mode.
    Scope - Subtree
    Authentication is Optional. If you want to authenticate enter your full Zimbra email address and password.

    I have also searched ldap from the command line and the results are the same.

    zimbra@host:~$ ldapsearch -x -b dc=doman,dc=com -h
    # extended LDIF
    # LDAPv3
    # base <dc=domain,dc=com> with scope subtree
    # filter: (objectclass=*)
    # requesting: ALL

    # search result
    search: 2
    result: 0 Success

    # numResponses: 1

    The server has multiple domains and the command above has been executed for all domains and the results are the same.

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    I am getting the same thing when running ldapsearch on my LDAP replica.
    However, the master returns results. Perhaps it is preventing anonymous binds?

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    From the release notes of Zimbra 6:
    Anonymous searches of the LDAP directory are no longer enabled
    beginning with 6.0. Note: anonymous searches of the directory are allowed
    for upgrades.

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    Thank you! This explains why this is not a problem on my development server. It was upgraded to 6.0 and the server that returned zero results is a fresh installation of 6.0.

    Thank you,

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