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Thread: Logger MySQL db Root password error

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    Default Logger MySQL db Root password error


    I have been running Zimbra 3.1.2 on OSX for 9 days with all servers working great... In this period, nothing has been changed in the system--just running 24/7. This morning I did not get my daily report from the Logger system. I checked the zimbra log and found the Logger process was stopped.

    Troubleshooting by restarting the computer and later just restarting zimbra from terminal failed to bring back Logger. Running zmloggerinit shows a failure of the Logger MySQL Root password.

    I see this has been a problem during upgrades from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2 BUT, in this case, the system ran great for 9 days then somehow the password changes???

    I found the forum area to manually reset the password. My question is why did this happen? I do not want to periodically have to manually reset the database password...

    Regards, db

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    It seems there is a case where on install the logger password is not saved, so when you rebooted it wasn't able to find the password to restart. Don't have a way to reproduce this yet as it seems to happen to different people at different times. Are you running on a single machine? If not what do you have installed on each server?
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    Default Just one server


    I am running one PowerMac dual G5 w/OSX10.4.6.

    Sound like your feeling is that if I go ahead and fix the password at this point it will stay fixed until the next update (maybe?)? So, I will follow the procedure outlined elsewhere as soon as I get a chance.

    Regards, db

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