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Thread: Which upgrade path to take

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    Default Which upgrade path to take

    We are planning to upgrade from Zimbra NE 5.0.9 to NE 6.0.1 in the near future, however...

    We are also planning a server --> server migration to some more serious hardware.

    Would doing the 6.0.1 upgrade before the hardware migration prove beneficial or detrimental in any way?

    Trying to figure out where I should upgrade or hardware migrate first.

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    If I were you I would upgrade to a higher ZCS 5.x ASAP due to a security flaw in versions prior to 5.0.18.

    After that I can't point to anything in particular, especially since you haven't given your hardware/OS or the one you are planning. Have a look at to see if your current OS is supported under 6.0.1.

    Personally I'd migrate the hardware first, all else being equal. There's an existing track record of hardware/OS migrations under 5.x that you can depend on.

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