Hi everybody here.
First of all I want to apologize for my english and if I write this topic where I can't.
At this moment I have installed ZCS in Ubuntu 8.04 LTS 23 bit.
I want to create this server in the company I'm working.
My idea is that all users in my company have, at least, 2 email accounts configured in his zimbra user.
One account is the internal mail, (my server is emailzimbra.net) so I have my email firstime@emailzimbra.net working. I can read and send emails withouth any problem.
But my problem is when I create my ISP's emails account (my isp is for example is myisp.com), I can read my emails because I configured my settings but my BIG BIG problem is that I can't send emails because I don't know where I have to configure my SMTP server (in this case smtp.myisp.com), so when I send some mail from firstime@myisp.com to user@myisp.com I recibe in firstime@emailzimbra.net INBOX the Error Mail.

Someone can help me for configure SMTP of my provider? This smtp server needs user and pass.

Thanks in advance for all!!