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Thread: how to restore zZimbra??

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    Default how to restore zZimbra??

    After I tried to restore Zimbra many times decided to reinstall SuSE and Zimbra. After that I tried to copy my backup installation of Zimbra to /opt/zimbra but when I tried to start zimbra the mailbox doesnt start all the others services start correctly.

    Is there a way to have my mailboxes and acounts again with this new installation???
    I read the wiki that does not work for me. My Zimbra version is 3.1.2 ga 445 suse 10

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    I install Zimbra 3.1.2 for SuSE and evrething is working, wich folders shoul I restore to havel may old acounts, mail, calendars, etc back again???

    P.S. when I try to copy my backup into /opt/zimbra and try to restar the services doesnt start tomcat

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