Hi all!

I have a zimbra installation already running on my server. Now we want to put extra virus and spam scanning. My idea is to setup a new postfix + amavisd-new + clamav installation on the same machine, but binding all zimbra services to one specific IP address, and all the edge mta services to another IP address. Is that possible?

I have found out info about binding most zimbra services, but binding spamassassin seems to be the missing link so far...

The reason I want to accomplish this is because I have a domain divided in to servers (some users are setup in one machine with zimbra some other users are in a machine using MS Exchange). I did this following the instructions in "Configuring Zimbra as the Secondary System" on this document: Split Domain - Zimbra :: Wiki

The problem is that all mail which is forwarded to the MS Exchange machine seems to bypass mail scanning.

Do you know how to bind spamassassin properly? If not, can somebody offer me any other alternative to accomplish this?

Thank you in advance!