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Thread: Problems with message size...

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    Default Problems with message size...

    We have a zimbra email server setup and have some clients that are needing to send some larger files as attachments. Unfortunately, even after following the instructions in the wiki (Configuring maxmessagesize - Zimbra :: Wiki) I am unable to send large messages.

    I am attaching a 10 MB file to the email message and sending it. The error I get back is:

    <>: message size 14011600 exceeds size limit 3072000 of server[]
    I understand that the message is too big for the limit on the server. However, I have set the limit to 104857600 for both zimbraFileUploadMaxSize and zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize.

    Any idea what might be causing this problem?

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    not sure if it helps, but did you restart zimbra service after change these values?

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    Well, I actually found the problem and it wasn't with Zimbra, though I did make sure to restart Zimbra when setting these.

    Turns our the stupid firewall was limiting attachments to 3 MB. Bumped it up and things started working.

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