Hi folks,

we have a strange problem with our Zimbra infrastructure. Users with outlook and the Zimbra connector sometimes are sending mails which show up in the sent folder on both outlook and the webmail interface, but aren't actually being sent and the postfix part of Zimbra did never see these mails.

So they likely get lost somewhere in the bowels of the different Zimbra components. Users with Apple Mail or Thunderbird don't have this problems.

Did someone of you had similar problems?

Does anyone know how I can activate additional logging to see what's transferred via the outlook connector (to verify when it happens again or to verify it doesn't happen again)?

Some hints where to look at all (besides in the postfix logs)?

Any help greatly appreciated, as losing mails is clearly an issue and renders the entire infrastructure unreliable.

And the worst part is that the official support is in no way responding to a support ticket filed almost two days ago.

Software: Zimbra Network Edition 6.0.1 on Mac OS 10.4, Outlook 2007, Connector 6.01.