Hi, first sorry for my terrible english

In my company we have zcs6. Moreover we have LDAP server where we keep some information about users, devices etc. I dont want to keep this information on zimbra-ldap but i dont want to have duplicate information.

Our example ldap structure is sth like this:

dn: uid=john.doe,ou=Person,dc=company
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
o: city council
l: Jaworzno
street: street
postalCode: 43-600
uid: john.doe
employeeNumber: 28057
sn: John
cn: John Doe
ou: 007
givenName: Doe
title: Brak kodu
telephoneNumber: 001
mail: john.doe@company.pl
userPassword: somePassword
As you can see there is a strong similarity with information in zimbra-ldap. I dont want to keep information like department, phoneNumber and employeeNumber in zimbra-ldap. In the future this information will be more (like devices for Nagios service). Of course, I can create a script that after adding/removal/modification will send information to zmprov via ssh. But maybe sync is better? I want to add account in zimbra and next when this account sync with my ldap i add more.

But I do not know how to synchronize the zimbra-ldap only uid,mail,sn and userpassword. Can someone help me? I read manual on wiki about replication, but there was no information on these restrictions.

Thanks and sorry for my English