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Thread: [SOLVED] 29501:err: Disk warning: /dev/md1 at 90%

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    Default [SOLVED] 29501:err: Disk warning: /dev/md1 at 90%

    Hello to all,

    Since this morning my server send to me a mail with this message :

    29501:err: Disk warning: /dev/md1 at 90%

    I know what that mean but I don't what is the solutions to optimise diskspace ?

    Do you have any ideas to help me ?

    Thanks for your help...

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    Solution is nothing except add more space. Is it a single server install ? Is there a single mount point for whole zimbra ? You can think of having a separate mount point for zimbra backup partition.

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    Thank you, I have choose this solution. I'll add a separate mount for zimbra backup partition.

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