I have installed Zimbra 6.0.1 at one of our clients.
They were excited about the new feature to send/receive read receipts in this new version.
The previous version they had (5) was unable to do that.
Now that I have installed this version I cannot seem to find where to choose to send read receipts.
The help documentation states that it should be located under
compose new - Options.
however. The only thing I see there is 'format as html' and format as plain text'

anyone care to help me out on this issue?

A second problem that same client pointed out was the following.
and belive me..it' s a real pain if this can' t be sorted out.

let' s say I have a contact person@domain.com
I add this contact to several groups, I then realise I have typed the wrong email address.
it should have been "person@domain.be"
So I change the emailaddress of the contact.
here comes the pain. zimbra does NOT automatically change the address in the groups I have added the contact to.
I MUST go over every group and change the address for every single group I have added that contact to.....
How can this be solved?

Kind regards
and hoping for some positive feedback