We are new to Zimbra and we recently migrated from GroupWise.
We had some users that had a lot of shared folders in GroupWise and now need to re-create the same structure for their departments. I set up a shared folder from a main account (domain@domain.com) and shared the folder with the department head as admin. She attempted to drag a folder from her own list of folders and drop it in to the shared folder.
When she does this she receives the error:

An unknown error (mail.CANNOT_COPY) has occurred.
method: FolderActionRequest
msg: cannot copy object: 1914
code: mail.CANNOT_COPY
detail: soap:Sender
trace: btpool0-4901:1254769167618:03b26146c21bead8request:
User@Domain.org0_ Random Numbers

We are running version:
5.0.18_GA_3011.SLES10_64_20090708100826 SLES10_64 NETWORK edition

Thanks for any help.