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    Hi, i got a mail server running 5.0.13 (i think) but i see ver 6.01 is out now...

    I'm using OpenSuse10.2 so i can see i'll need to choose a new distro...

    Is ver 6.01 a big step up? I've just been looking to add an IP to a user type blacklist but i cannot find it... is this in v6?

    Assuming I create a v6 server... whats the best way to migrate accounts to the new ver?



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    Version 6 is a big step up from version 5, yes. Have a look at the release documentation for details.

    I'm not sure what you mean about the IP blacklist but I dont think there's anything in Zimbra that would do it, it sounds like something that iptables could take care of though.

    If there's not a build for your current server anymore then the best way to migrate is to build a replacement server that supports your current and destination build. So for example, build a ubuntu server and install Zimbra 5.0.13 onto it then migrate your installation over to that and then upgrade it to v6. This has been documented a few times on the forums, and there are other ways to do it too.

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