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Thread: Problem with meeting invitation request display

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    Default Problem with meeting invitation request display

    Some of my users are reporting that incoming calendar invites from outside the company aren't displaying properly. When an invite comes in, the ZCS client (both web and zdesktop) only display the DESCRIPTION from the ical event. It does not display any information from the actual message body. This also affects the display/download of any attachments.

    This does not cause issues with invites sent from a ZCS user, as Zimbra enters all the information into both the DESCRIPTION, and into the message body.

    The user ends up with a partial message, one which does not necessarily give the meeting information. (makes it hard to tell when the request is even for)

    I can only assume this was after I upgraded from 5.0.10 -> 5.0.18, since I tried this on a 5.0.11 and it displayed the message just fine. I can also see the message with the meeting information on my WM phone, so it's only the display on the ZCS Web client, and ZDesktop (Linux, says v1.0) that is having the issue.

    I've attached screenshots of the view from 5.0.18 and 5.0.11.
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