Hey all...not sure if anyone's seen this...

I have 2 zimbra servers, one on a local subnet and one via vpn at another office. I can't get the webmail login screen to come up or the admin login screen to come up on the remote server from a remote subnet, but sitting on the same subnet as the server the page comes up nicely.

The behaviour is that the browser picks up the favicon.ico file and the page title and even the redirect to https://servername/zimbra/?initMode=http, but the page just stays blank and the spinner keeps going, waiting and waiting. Found this on several machines, same behaviour.

I realize this is likely something vpn-ish, but wondered what anyone would guess isn't getting through...is there something I should be watching tomcat doing, or firewall logs???

Only thing I can think of that I've changed lately is modify /etc/hosts.deny and /etc/hosts.allow for SSH such that only my local subnets can access ssh on the servers...

in hosts.deny
sshd: ALL

in hosts.allow

any thoughts greatly appreciated...