Hi all,

I'm looking at switching an organisation over from a Postfix/Cyrus solution to a Zimbra one. I have one sang however.

Currently the client has one mail server with about 5 different offices accessing the mail remotely. Their e-mails have are quite large (usually shooting 10-20meg PDF files) and some of the sites offices are complaining about speed issues.

They want to 'feel' like it's fast in the offices. This means having e-mail servers at each office.

So, with a postfix/cyrus solution I was thinking about having multiple internal e-mail servers say - joeblow@office1.domainname.com aliasing for joeblow@domainname.com and have something like perdition routing the mail internally.

What consequences would happen with Zimbra if I were to go with a email routing solution? I was thinking some issues might be
* shared calendar's would be limited to offices only
* potential licensing issues? (around 120-150 seats in total split between offices)

Is there a cleaner solution in the Zimbra world? I started investigating HSM but it looks like it's geared for archiving mail to slower drives rather then what I'm looking for.

Ideally it would be great if I could select users Mail Store locations, and have their email clients (Zimbra Desktop/Thunderbird/Outlook) point at their local mail servers.

Any ideas?