Network Edition 3.1.3 on RHEL4 up2

I saw some threads that LDAP replication was disabled in 3.1.x and should be back for 3.1.3 release.

Did replication make it in the 3.1.3 release?

I have followed the guides, but don't see replication start when the Zimbra LDAP servers are restared.

I've setup just zimbra core, and ldap on a remote server (large colo) that I use just for smtp routing (sles9 postfix + sqlgrey listing), and routes email back to my office (commercial cable) which has the full Zimbra install on RHEL4. Zimbra forwards all outgoing mail to the smtp server, where I have my spf and reversed dns setup.

Right now I manually replicate out the aliases, emails, distrubution lists, etc... to the smtp server, would love for this to be automated.

I do it this way since my commercial cable doesn't have an sla like my colo does, and this still allows for email to be received, when the office goes down.