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    Default Contacts/Address book

    I want to print off my address book onto mailing labels.

    How do people do this type of printing?

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    Default Address labels

    Users here would like to do the same thing.

    In Outlook users used to be able to open up one contact and we had the Dymo label printing connection added, so they could just click the printer and it would print an address label for the contact.

    Is there anyway to just print one label for a selected contact in Zimbra?

    I have read the mail-merge to .csv with word option and that isn't what we are looking for.


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    1. export contacts to .csv
    2. import .csv into a FileMaker Pro database

    Within FileMaker you can choose to print one or all records. Or you can do a find for specific records and print the results. Labels are available in a variety of layouts.

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