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Thread: compressing backups question

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    Default compressing backups question

    We have Zimbra 5.0.11 on RHEL4
    Our backups are all saved to the Zimbra server, deleted after one month.
    We'd like to compress a full backup once a day and copy it over to a windows server for archiving. (we're a government installation and we need 12 months of backups saved).

    Please tell us if this scenario would work?


    If, let's say, we needed to access a backup from several months before would we be able to access individual messages from a full backup saved and archived in this manner?

    THank you in advance!

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    yes if you wrote a script that mounted the windows server and rsynced /opt/zimbra/backups onto it (or whatever floats your boat). and then as long as you kept copies of the backups sessions, you can restore the backup session into the sessions directory and the web gui picks them up with a refresh. Then you can restore individual files from the sessions you just copied back. I just tried it and it seems to work just fine (from a restored off machine backup from earlier than we keep backups for).
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    restoring individual messages is possible but not easy. it's not possible with the actual restore utility as it can restore entire accounts. you can restore it to a different name though and then find what messages you need from that. Theres a rfe to provide a better restore capability

    Bug 8849 – More Granular Restore: per folder & per-message

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