I had a working installation of zimbra 5.0.4 and backed it up with (as root):
rsync -a /opt/zimbra/ /mnt/backup/zimbra/091015-opt_zimbra
after having some problems with trying to upgrade or change the zimbra server name, i wanted to revert back to the restored version. So I ran (as root):
rm -rf /opt/zimbra
rsync -a /mnt/backup/zimbra/901015-opt_zimbra /opt/zimbra
All files with correct permissions were restored to /opt/zimbra. I started services as zimbra user with zmcontrol start
When I tried to access zimbra mail services via https, i get jetty 404 errors.

Can't seem to see anything in /var/log/zimbra.log as to why this is happening.

Should this type of restore work?