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Thread: Sending email as another account.

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    Default Sending email as another account.

    The title is a poor description of the nature of the issue. What I'm speaking of is the "Persona" feature.

    I would like to state I have tried to see if this has been addressed on the forums. I have not found either the right keywords for my query or no such forum topic exists.

    Background: 10/17/09 we upgraded our servers from 5.0.13 to 5.0.19. Upgrade a success.

    Users that have set up multiple accounts on their webclient now show "blanks" on the compose email window when they access the pulldown menu for "accounts" which appears right after the "subject" line. The "accounts" menu only appears if you have set up multiple accounts under preferences.

    Has this problem occurred with other users and if so, how did you work around the matter? This problem is annoying to those users at our university which enjoyed that feature.

    If I did not properly explain my issue please let me know so I can refine my message.

    Seriously thank you for any help that you can give on this matter.
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    I have verified the COS is properly set for persona . Still nada on getting the 'account' drop down menu to show up on the advanced mail compose window. I have also looked in bugzilla with no success. Seriously are other 5.0.19 users not having this issue?

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