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Thread: Optimizing site-to-site traffic flow ideas??

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    Default Optimizing site-to-site traffic flow ideas??

    Good day all,

    I have at Zimbra Community Edition server at each of two sites, connected to each other via VPN. Both servers have a complete installation, but the server at Site A is the LDAP master. I'd tried to configure LDAP replication before we went live a few times but couldn't get it working, but I understand the latest release has some fixed to do with LDAP replication, among other things. I do plan on upgrading the machines to latest version and enabling LDAP replication, but haven't read up on upgrading yet.

    Since going live a few days ago I have people complaining about network slowness, and wondering if anyone has ideas about traffic shaping. IE-can I set how often postfix does it's queue runs or maybe use a gzipped stun tunnel between the two servers or something like that?? Any ideas?

    Is anyone of the opinion that enabling LDAP replication will substantially decrease network consumption? I understand everytime a client sends a message an LDAP lookup across the VPN/WAN is performed, which wouldn't be the case with LDAP replication.

    My clients are all POP3 clients primarily accessing the server on a LAN, with a handful (say 5-10?) at remote sites accessing through public IP's. There are about 3 of us that roam around between offices and use the web client part of Zimbra.

    Also, I guess I should indicate, I work for an automotive dealership, and our parent company insists on managing our DNS (poorly) and so I'm stuck with two MX records of unequal priority. I had hoped to set MX records for both of my servers with equal priority to attempt to distribute a bit of traffic, realizing that DNS isn't anywhere near foolproof in this aspect. As it stands, 95-100% of mail arrives via the primary MX, and about 0-5% arrives on the second, most of which is spammer f*$&%^s trying to spam by sending to my secondary MX.

    Anyway, thoughts & ideas & discussion on this very welcome.


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    Hi there.... In general there shouldn't be too much traffic on the WAN even for LDAP since at least the Tomcat part of things will cache those queries. A local LDAP cache will help for postfix lookups which happen on each mail arrival. What type of Internet connection are these sites on? Were they hosting email before Zimbra?
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