i'm currently experiencing this bug:
Bug 31378 – Jabber stays "Online" even when logged out.

basically, when i logoff, other (non-zimbra) users do not see me logoff, and all messages they send to me (because they think i'm online) are lost in the ether.

this bug has actually existed for quite some time (5.0.9), so i thought i would post here in case someone has a workaround.

another solution i would be happy with, is if all messages sent to me while i was logged off is logged into the Chat folder. I remember in an older version of zimbra, all my chats were logged, however, now only when i chat using the webclient are my chats logged. if i chat using another client (pidgin) my messages are no longer logged by zimbra (even though the option is turned on)

i'm currently running 6.02 on ubuntu x64