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    Hi All

    I need suggestion to buy of my server, I goint to migrate 2000 users to zimbra open source, but I need to know what is the raid optimus, zimbra say that RAID5 not is Recommended.


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    My configuration for 300 Users
    Host mashine 1 Supermicro SS6025 8x73 SAS RAID-10, 8Gb RAM. 2x Xeon Quad Core

    ldap1 2vcpu, 512 RAM
    Store1+logger 3 vcpu, 3072 RAM
    MTA1 - 2 vcpu 2048 RAM

    Host mashine 1 Supermicro SS6025 8x73 SAS RAID-10, 8Gb RAM. 2x Xeon Quad Core
    ldap-replica 1vcpu, 256 RAM
    stor2 3vcpu, 3072 RAM
    MTA+PROXY 2vcpu, 3072 RAM

    My users have 300M - 10Gb mailboxes, with up to 30-50k mail messages

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    RAID 5 is only not recommended due to the write speeds, it's not that it's unstable, just that with lots of users, the drives can take a beating.

    RAID 10 does seem to be the way to go, but I'd also go with a vast amount of memory too, server ram is very cheap right now, I'd suggest 16GB as a starting point (and a 64bit OS of course) and really just aim to fit the most that the system will take!

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