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Thread: zcs 6.0.2 with external LDAP authentication?

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    Default zcs 6.0.2 with external LDAP authentication?

    Dear All,

    we have two ZCS servers here, first is the production mail server (5.0.18 oss), the other is a fresh installed 6.0.2 (for evaluation purpose only).

    On the zcs 6.0.2 server, we set an external ldap authentication (to use the 5.0.18's LDAP). we set :

    LDAP filter : (uid=%u)
    search base: ou=people,dc=xxxx,dc=com

    it doesn't have problem to pass the account/password test, however, i got this error when I click "Finish":

    JavaScript error encountered in method ZaXFormViewController.prototype.fireChangeEvent message: this._toolbar is undefined fileName: lineNumber: 1658 stack: ()@ ([object Object])@

    any advice on this? Thanks.

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    Have you checked Bugzilla Main Page ? And if nothing there please file a report.

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