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Thread: So confusing.... new ZCS owner need some advice.

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    Default So confusing.... new ZCS owner need some advice.

    Hey All,

    Just making the merge from exchange.... managed that fine after searching around for 5 hours on solving the RPC cant connect error.

    Now I have a setup question on general structure.

    Se before due to exchange limitations, we really only used it as an easy way to have data stored in one place and then access it anywhere on any computer.

    Thus all pop3 accounts were setup on the client side, but they still replicated main data into exchange account for them.

    Now I dont know how this would be done easily on zimbra.... See it seems you point the MX of your main domain mail to zimbra. >

    Now lets say my paid user account is...

    How do I then get say. to also go to the

    People seem to say alias's and persona's are the way. though honestly I'm a little lost even after to reading the documention.

    See ideally lets say is no longer in charge of the, how do I then change not only the email address but all mail from that easily over?

    Is that mail actually associated with

    What about my support systems that might want say pop3 access to to check & enter support automatically?

    If its not a user (not a paid mailbox) then how can this be done?

    cpanel I setup an email.... its there, I dont pay per email address but yet I can access it like an account.

    zimbra seems for every email you want to access pop externally needs to be a mailbox (aka paid user?)

    Please push me in the right direction, I've just broken away from exchange and that was hard enough, i want my entire company on zimbra but just these setup issues are something I want to know before hand.


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    First of all, why do you have two different domain names: & - which is your real domain? I assume you only have one domain? It would be far better to have that single domain on the Zimbra server and not try to have two different domain names. Have you actually moved off Exchange to Zimbra yet or is this still a test set-up?


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    Well I started migrating my main mail into the account zimbra is setup for (domain)

    But I have over 100 domains, many more.

    Many are different business entities and need their own specific address's. In order for a customer to feel more connected you provide localized address for the domain etc etc.

    so zimbra is setup on one domain and thats the main all use as their mailbox.

    But I still have to check and receive email to various users on over 25 different pop accounts.

    So I want to manage all from the main zimbra domain accounts, but also be able to add in additional email accounts without taking up another paid mailbox.

    I will be pointing their MX record to the zimbra domain and asetting them up as a domain.... but just not sure how it then integrates? and how to go forward as per my first posts scenario?


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    I think you are on the right track here. I used to have a Zimbra server with about 12 domains on it. The MX record for each domain was setup to point to the zimbra server. As for account setup I think the admin account is the closest thing to what you are talking about. I had the and accounts all as aliases to the admin account. As for pop access... I am not sure whether Zimbra allows authentication via an alias account for IMAP/POP.

    Anyway in a bit more detail:

    "Main" entry for the Zimbra server:
    All the other domain's MX record listed as the server address.
    I had setup each domain in the Zimbra server

    Admin account looked like this:

    Aliases of course do not count towards your user account quota.

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