I am moving from a qmailrocks install to Zimbra. I have successfully installed Zimbra on a test machine and used imapsync for getting my mail from my Qmail server to Zimbra. Went surprisingly well.

While everything looks great from the Zimbra webmail side, today I decided to fire up Thunderbird and see how the IMAP side of things looks. Well, in Thunderbird, I have my inbox and trash - and thats it. While all the mail is there in my inbox that should be, I do not have my 20-ish personal folders as seen on the webmail.

Also, when I send an email from Thunderbird, it creates its own "Sent" folder - it doesn't use the Zimbra sent folder. So now when I look at the webmail, I have 2 "sent" folders... I have not tested this with Outlook, but I assume the same results.

Is this problem from my migration? A setting in Zimbra I'm missing? IMAP issues?

I'd like to get this resolved before migrating to a production server.