I'm thinking about the pros and cons of extending the Zimbra (v6.0.1) LDAP schema to enable the LDAP server to store other directory information (things like general login, RADIUS, host information, etc). This would allow me to combine our current LDAP server with the Zimbra LDAP one.
I'm of two different camps here so I thought I would turn to the forum for guidance.

On the one hand, it would be nice to have only 1 (replicated) directory server that housed all of the various directories. I could have my general login info, host info, RADIUS info, Zimbra accounts, etc in one place. I would have to use CLI tools to modify the non-Zimbra stuff, but I think it would still work OK.

On the other hand, support could be a bear and getting help from Zimbra (we are running the Network edition, not the FOSS release) would probably be difficult or non-existent.

SO, what are others out there doing with relation to their directory services? Combined or separate?