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Thread: Zimbra as intranet server, whit external email's

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    Default Zimbra as intranet server, whit external email's

    Hello All,

    I'm very new to Zimbra, and still impress by its possibility.

    I'm testing Zimbra since 3 weeks as internal collaboration server, and it works perfect.

    Can You please tell me if its possible to set up Zimbra to do this scenario:

    - I can't afford to use Zimbra as external mail server (no time to check security, updates ...)
    - Zimbra will be just from local network, end emails will be from out side provider.
    - domain will be the same, if user is sending email from to zimbra is doing job internal (without internet connection usage), but when some one want to send email out side Zimbra has tu use external SMTP.

    I was trying to do this whit Transport Tables, but Zimbra is sending all emails by internet.

    Please tell me if this scenario is possible, and if Yes how to set up.

    Ps. Sorry for my English


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    I think you might be hitting the problem that your Zimbra server is getting it's public IP address when it makes a DNS query for it's domain name. You might need to setup Split DNS - Zimbra :: Wiki.

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