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Thread: [SOLVED] Server Statistics stopped working

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    Are you saying that after the upgrade to 6.0.5 stats are still not showing? The 6.0.x branch uses an entirely different stats system, so if it isn't working something else is odd.

    You never did mention if you looked at the 5.x troubleshooting tips, have you since looked at the 6.0.x page?

    Logger (ZCS 6.0.x and later) - Zimbra :: Wiki

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    Default Got it working

    Finally yesterday I got server statics working. First I did upgraded my Zimbra version which was in 5.0.18 to the current one 6.0.5. Then I realized the logger service was not running and that it was a problem that I did not have a stat log file for which the location was


    Now snooping around to find out what script might be there that might create this file I found /opt/zimbra/bin/zmsyslogsetup

    I ran this script and after about 5 hrs or so I started getting my graphs working
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