Hi All,

Zimbra is up and running on my RedHat server 5.3. We all use the Web Client and love it. I just wish we could get the Desktop (offline client) to install on RedHat workstation - later.

1.Now I need your ideas on how to move imap mail from my old Postfix/Dovecot maildir folders. These maildir folders where being used by both Thunderbird and Evolution clients. I would like to either sync or move this mail to Zimbra - running on the same server. Any success stories doing this?

2. I also need help moving ldap contact data. I have a external ldap server running that uses standard openldap schema (inetorgperson) and customized evolution schema so evo clients could R/W to ldap. Zimbra can search it as external ldap but - I have experienced that Zimbra's schema (inetorgperson) only picks up some attributes of the external ldap servers data and misses other.

?? I read a 2007 post that suggested I could export the whole ldif to CVS - modify some headers in excel and import the whole thing into the GAL. Then I "should' be able to see all the contact data. Has anyone tried that? Any better ideas