I'm setting up Zimbra as Front-End + AS/AV mail server for Exchange as phase 1 in Exchange migration project. My client want to see the Zimbra performance before moving completely.

I'm using the AS/AV score level, integrating RBL Host and see some improvement on the wiki. Overall works better but sometimes Zimbra false detection a normal email as spam.

My question :

1. How to sanitized the suspected email and move it to the queue or vice versa ? I'm checking the spam and ham mailbox but both mailbox are empty.

2. Some mail suspected as spam (and it's true a spam) but the score are below the kill percentage (I'm using 60% of score, AFAIK it's equivalent with 12 of kill spam score). How if I want to move the suspected email into a specified mailbox rather than continues the queue into normal inbox as define in to or cc or bcc fields ?

3. Is there any AS/AV logs so I can checked it regularly ?

Thank you.