Hello everyone,

I have been using Zimbra NE + Archiving and Discovery for several months now, but recently noticed a problem. For compliance purpose, I am required to keep a copy of every email that I receive and send, so that should I be asked, I could provide the records of my activities and the copy of the emails on any particular day.

When I read the Archiving and Discovery documentation, I was under the impression that this is exactly what this would give me. It keeps the copy of every email in my account and on top of that, it indexes the attachments.

I've recently decided to check how this works and noticed that even though the Inbound messages are stored as they should, my Sent items folder was empty. There was no record of the emails that I've sent, which is a big problem for me from the compliancy perspective.

Did I misunderstand the documentation, or did I not set up the arching and discovery correctly?

Does anyone know how to enable archiving of Sent items?

Many thanks for your thoughts on this.