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    Angry Domain administrators

    Using 6.01 Network Edition, it seems impossible to create domain administrators the way they were meant to be created. How can this have slipped through testing?

    As a Global Admin, I create an, mark it as administrator, add it to the domain admin distribution list, and save it. Then I logon as to the :7071 administration environment, and nothing happens.

    Why is this not at the top of the list of things to get fixed? It puts a major dent in usability for large installations where we don't want to manage all domains but instead let a given domain be handled by their administrator(s).

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    The *only* way I can get this working is:

    1. Create an administrator using the Global Admin
    2. Enable the checkbox [ ] Administrator
    3. Add to distributionlist domain administrators
    4. Select the user from the account list, click on Configure Grants
    5. Add two grants:
    Target type: domain
    Target name: the domain you created the domain admin for
    Right type: System Defined Right
    Right name: domainAdminConsoleRights
    Add and repeat, but put domainAdminAccountRights in the last step

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