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Thread: Zimbra Adminisration Console - Different Users Question

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    Question Zimbra Adminisration Console - Different Users Question

    Hello everyone i'm from Uruguay (you'll be suffering from my poor english soon)

    Recently our company started to provide their corporate mail using Zimbra.
    The company who implemented Zimbra and will be their servers administrator gave us a user for the Administration Console (basically to create and edit mail accounts, manage maillists, and see minor traffic reports)

    As I'm worried about the fact we can access to any account mailbox, here's my question:

    Is there a way to create a profile with create/edit/delete account data, access server mail queue but with no access to users mail?

    As I said i'm 3 days new with this stuff, hope one day help others with a reply,

    Thanks, Nando.-

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    in zimbra 5.x there is no way to do this. In zimbra 6.0 there is a new role-based rights you can give admins that probably can do this. I'm not running 6 yet so I can't tell you for sure.

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    Thanks a lot, i'll find out about the version being used.

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