We were running Zimbra at a non-profit as our enterprise email solution until the platform it ran on was deprecated (ppc).

We recently have been asked to deliver the contents of a user's mailbox to an auditor, but after some look it appears that the messages are no longer there. I attempted to restore the messages into Zimbra so that we could export them to the auditor, but I was told that I cannot restore from a backup without a current license.

After reading the documentation, apparently selective restore is only available in Network edition (which we were using) and only if you have a current license (which we no longer have, since Zimbra stopped supporting our platform).

Is there any other way to restore the mailbox for one user into an existing deployment of ZCS (we still have the old server available)?

Alternatively, is it possible to get a short-term (72 hours even) license cut for zcs-NETWORK-4.5.10_GA_1575?