The wiki appears to be broken at present, and I have searched but could not find a solution.

I have only recently set up Zimbra (at 6.0.1 and subsequently updated to 6.0.2). It is running live for a limited pilot group of people in my company.

I had to rename my domain from to as even with stripping the server part off the from address on the way out, if I sent a calendar invite that included both internal and external people, the external people could see the internal email address in the meeting details.

I renamed the donain with the zmprov -l rd

All appeared to go fine. Looking through the admin console, all domain references have been updated.

However, when I log into the Web Client and try to send an email to any user that existed prior to the domain name change, the Autocomplete shows their GAL entry (with the icon) as still having the old domain email address.

For any new user added since the change, it shows the correct address.

Is there any way to ensure that the old email address is removed from the autocomplete ?

Thanks in advance.