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Thread: Admin Console: Global Settings' menu grows.

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    Exclamation Admin Console: Global Settings' menu grows.

    I noticed when you are in the webbased admin console (http://localhost:7071) and click on "Global Settings" on the left panel, the menu in the right panel has: "Save" and "Download".

    When you click away, say on "Admin Extensions" and click back on "Global Settings", there are 2 sets of "Save" and "Download". Clicking away and back to it a 3rd time, there are 3 sets. Again, and there are 4 sets.

    4 Screenshots attached.

    Server: ZCS 6.0.2 OSE 64-bit on CentOS 5.4
    Client: Firefox 3.5.4 on Ubuntu 9.10-AMD 64-bit

    Reported here:
    Bug 42294 – Admin Console: Global Settings' menu grows.
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