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Thread: Where is MX result in zmmsgtrace?

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    Default Where is MX result in zmmsgtrace?

    This is our current setup
    MX (using Zimbra MTA) ---> 3rd party Antivirus ->> Zimbra MTA ---> Mailbox

    I modified transport value on MX so it relayed all mails to antivirus.

    When I did message tracing, it only showed AV -> MTA and MTA -> Mailbox but never showed MX -> AV.

    I checked zimbra.log on mailbox+logger server and it was receiving mail logs from MX also.

    Can someone give a hint what could be wrong?

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    Have a look in the headers of an email (and in the log files) to confirm it's route to the user mailbox. I wouldn't get too attached to zmmsgtrace as it's discontinued in ZCS 6 and there will be no replacement.


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