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Thread: Daylight Saving - same Appointment with different Timezone

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    Default Daylight Saving - same Appointment with different Timezone


    Here is what's going on:
    My server is located at (GMT-0300) Brasilia. Time and Timezone are correct in the server.

    root$ date
    Tue Nov  3 00:31:58 BRST 2009
    I also have the following default configuration on Zimbra
    zimbra@server:~$ zmprov gc default |grep -i timezone
    zimbraPrefTimeZoneId: (GMT-03.00) Brasilia
    zimbraPrefUseTimeZoneListInCalendar: TRUE
    on my user I have the following settings:
    zimbra@server:~$ zmprov ga USER |grep -i timezone
    zimbraPrefTimeZoneId: (GMT-03.00) Brasilia
    zimbraPrefUseTimeZoneListInCalendar: TRUE
    However, when I create a new appointment, Zimbra automatically set the timezone to (GMT-0300) Argentina.

    The main difference between Brasilia V.s. Argentina timezone is that Argentina doesn't have Daylight Saving. So, during this part of the year (end of October to end February) all appoints differ 1 hour.

    Now my question is "From where is Zimbra bring up the ARGENTINA timezone?" is there a place that I can change it?

    PS: I have Outlook Synchronization and when a create an appointment directly on Outlook (by forcing the timezone to Brasilia, manually) the appointment shows on Zimbra as Argentina Timezone. Any clue?


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    have you tried another computer?

    on friday a user contactged me saying taht all his sent e-mails were being marked as sent an hour earlier. His computer had the right time, his account was set to the right timezone and everything looked fine when i logged into his account on my computer. daylight savings time happened this weekend though and after contacting him today he said everything looks fine now

    i wonder if there aren't some machines who didn't have an updated daylight savings patch or something

    just a stretch, i had no idea how i was going to solve it otherwise so i can't be much help beyond that.

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