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Thread: [SOLVED] Error on ZimbraAdmin interface

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    Default [SOLVED] Error on ZimbraAdmin interface


    I have one error when i try to open "Alias" menu on ZimbraAdmin web interface. I get this pop-up, i attached one image of the message.
    Some time ago i configured alias with accents.

    Can i delete this alias? How?

    Thanks a lot.
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    Try using the cli "zmprov help commands".


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    I didn't find the alias that appears on pop-up.

    zimbra@mail:> zmprov gaa -v | grep zimbraMailAlias
    zimbra@mail:> zmprov gaa -v

    We don't have any alias on And i can't erase this domain because i get this message:

    Is not possible erase this domain because isn't empty. First delete all accounts of this domain.

    I create with zmprov command some accounts with accents before, few months ago. I used phpLDAPdmin for connect with Zimbra's ldap server and here i see all entries for and i can delete too.

    I add bad zimbramailalias including names with accents. From zimbraAdmin web interface get erros but using phpLDAPadmin i can improve them.

    Now i can go to Alias tag from zimbraAdmin web interface and erase
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